Company History

Starting in 2018, is really a startup project for dedicated entrepreneurs and young professionals. The idea for the Xennial Millionaire Project originated with a desire to help the over 200 million Xennials develop and execute success solutions. We have solutions in mind that we will execute with our member partners and we will continue to source new and innovative solutions for our members. Success comes to those that are willing to participate, learn and execute well.

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A Startup Company

Part of what makes so exciting is that it really is a startup company that is driven by members and the desire to find and execute innovative success strategies. One of the first projects we intend to develop, with the help of our members, is a dynamic technology project that is capable of launching incredible success for all of our members. Much like a crowd-funding solution, is a member based community where we, as a group, identify, evaluate and execute dynamic success solutions for all our members to benefit from.

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The Team

Our team consists of a dedicated group of innovators and developers. Many of our team have run their own businesses for most of their lives.

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Brad Matheny

Founder, CEO

An active and innovative software developer focusing on financial modeling systems, automated trading systems and other specialized technology tools. Over the past 25+ years, Mr. Matheny has been involved in a number of startup projects and advanced Fintech projects.

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Chris Vermeulen

Partner, Project Innovator

Mr. Vermeulen is the perfect partner and entrepreneur to assist all members. He has been an active and innovative developer of multiple successful business enterprises and continually pushes the envelope with new projects.

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Bill Knoke

Advisor, Tax Planning Professional

Mr. Knoke has been an active business adviser, financial professional and Tax Preparer for over 20 years. He has been a friend and an invaluable resource to Mr. Matheny for many decades and always has the right answers or knows another person that does.

Develop Joint Leadership Projects and Success Solutions As A Community.

A portion of your membership subscription is dedicated to creating new opportunities, technology, business ventures and other essential solutions for the 21st century. Together, we can build dynamic and lasting success for ourselves, our families and the future.

Develop Solutions Together

Develop Advanced Solutions

As membership levels grow, we will be able to identify, develop and accomplish more and varied types of advanced solutions.

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Manage Solutions Together

Manage As A Team

As new opportunities are launched for members, all participating members will assist in managing for future success.

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Execute Solutions Together

Execute For Success

As members gain experience and skills, unique opportunities will be created for members to create and execute their own success solutions.

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Your membership helps to create innovative success solutions for all

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